Trump Putin Press Conference

Trump Putin Press Conference

From the Associated Press, the Trump-Putin press conference. I would encourage you to watch for yourself and come up with your own conclusions. Both sides seem to offer inflammatory headlines, yet the articles don’t always back it up. Mistakes are a normal part of life, purposeful deceit is a whole different ballpark.

If Russia did interfere, how so? Through Facebook? Going this route we will have to bring up Obama’s campaign and talk about how his campaign colluded with Facebook to win the vote. Also, Hillary won the popular vote (thank goodness our founders created the electoral college and saved us from mob rule) so Trump had to work harder to win and still did. Russia says they weren’t involved. This article on shows no collusion.
Further, Project Veritas got undercover footage from CNN, supervising producer, admits Russia is for ratings.

Given all this, why are people obsessed with Russian collusion? Is there really any collusion? Look it up for yourself and let me know what you think?

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