Papa John’s Weird Turn

I had heard John Schnatter had apologized and stepped down for using a racial slur. I really don’t care, I have never tried their pizza. Papa John’s has just never been part of my life.

After seeing the news fallout, I had to look further. Here is an interview with John Schnatter explaining the situation, and well, it’s not like what the media is portraying.

Mr. Schnatter was on a conference call where the other party used the N word several times and he was tired of hearing it. He used the word to explain that’s not acceptable language and although others have used it, he and his company are against it.

So, I have to wonder, why would he be asked to step down when he was shutting down racism? This makes no sense. Why is the media painting him as racist when he was actively speaking against it?

There appears to be bias here. Does someone have a personal vendetta against John? I’m not exactly sure what the issue is but the take away is look into yourself. And be open to being wrong. Now, I think I will try a little Papa John’s pizza tonight.

Keep truth as your guide!

2 thoughts on “Papa John’s Weird Turn

  1. I’m glad you brought that up. I keep watching the left attacking anyone they deem as conservative. Tim Pool, posted this video showing a leftist condemning Lauren Southern ( on her ‘Farmland’ documentary ( Funny enough, the leftist is in support of hate speech laws. I am starting to see a move to balance again…at least I hope.

    I believe you are correct that politics seems to be vicious now whereas in previous years we could be civil to those we disagreed, now we call for their head. I would rather not see a civil war in my country, but I also never learned to back down from a bully.

  2. While I do love the Pizza and I did hear of the incident I did not dig into it very deeply due to who was attacking him, the lame stream media so that pretty much told me all I needed to know. Papa John as last I checked is a conservative and right now any conservative is fair game by the uncivil and rabbid left. Politics has taken a vicious turn that will end in continued violence, its sad but true that too much political diversity and group thought kills.

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