Money, Collapse and YOU!

Money, Collapse and YOU!

I know that preppers can come off as pretty doomsday at times. The important thing to remember is “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” so while a collapse is possible that also doesn’t mean we need to lose our minds preparing for it. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The little things we do daily are what will get us to where we want to be. There is still time to enjoy our lives.

I found Jeff Berwick a few years ago. I admire the man for his bravery, living life on his terms, and sharing his beliefs as he irons them out. If you don’t know Jeff, go check him out! He founded Anarchapulcoย (seriously check this out!) and well, so much more! I was watching him on a panel about a week ago. Jeff was giving a talk with Mark Skousen, I go to the Mark Skousen School of Business. I was pleased as punch to find these two at a conference together! Both are beautiful minds I would love to sit around chatting with.

However you slice it, money is still an important part of our lives. Jeff is savvy on crypto and the market. Use your own best judgment when listening to others about your finances. Choose your life well!

3 thoughts on “Money, Collapse and YOU!

  1. While I am not familiar with Jeff I am quite familiar with Mark and have a few of his books, Mark is brilliant and on point on many things. As to preppers being pretty doomsdayish that is for sure a fact at times, one can get very wrapped up in the minusha of it all to the point where it takes over your life and drives it all. Time needs to be taken to actually live as well or why bother. I do agree that it is very much a marathon and things take time to get done unless your uber wealthy and you can just write that blank check for gear and supplies, Than being said most people overlook that fact that gear and supplies are great for a short term event. Many people overlook skills in the prepping field, Skills tend to lend themselves to a medium of longer term event and I would much rather have more of a skills based prepping background with less gear/tech myself. Either way doing something is far better than doing nothing and you will be better off for it in the event something happens and statistically something of some nature will happen in your lifetime.

      • (The phone cut me off) Easier to digest. Jeff is an anarchoCapitalist. I would have classified myself similar to that but my life experience tells me issues arise without some confines.
        I agree we need to live our lives and enjoy our time here.
        I further agree, itโ€™s better to have the skills to survive long term than cool gadgets to get you through a beief unpleasantness.

        I think my next article will be about government verses anarchy/voluntarism.

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