Where will YOU go in a Collapse?

Where will YOU go in a Collapse?

Being prepared means having a plan. Knowing where you are going once the SHTF or being in place on your land to withstand teotwawki is a big step towards surviving a collapse.

Coming from a military family I heard things such as “prepare for the worst, hope for the best”. This is the philosophy I took in party planning and it turned out well. The truth is, a collapse would be difficult at best for everyone. Preparing is wise for all but imperative for those that think critically. Here is a website called SurvivorRealty.com, they have listings for bugout property in several well-known states. Take a gander and maybe find your dream retreat.

There are many ways to prepare, just as there are people. When we come together for a mutual goal, we are stronger. Being in the city offers more risk but works for some. Whereas, the comfort of grid/off-grid bugout property and living on it always ready is a better solution than for others.ย Even still, there is are those that city dwell and have a plan to evacuate once it all starts collapsing. Whatever your choice, make it work for you! Even if you’re bugging out alone, building community will help us all!

What’s your bugout plan? Are you going it alone or forming a group? Do you already have a plan in place or just starting out? What woke you up to understanding the need to prep? Join the community here. Support the community here! Together we can build our community and create our world!


Brittani Starr

3 thoughts on “Where will YOU go in a Collapse?

  1. I do agree on having an option for going mobile if you need to and I hope I will never have to. Going mobile means you lose so much in terms of supplies and security but it has to be an option if things become untenable.

  2. I am very fortunate to be in a rural location that with very low population density so I will stay here. I do keep a vehicle stocked in the event that I do need to leave but that is a very last resort and would be very situational dependent. Being at your bugout location all the time means that you can stockpile gear and supplies for a longer term event but it also is the equivalent to having all your eggs in one basket so having an alternate location could be of high importance as well.

    • True! I used to have a location but it fell through. I like being able to prepare and stockpile but then itโ€™s wise to be mobile quickly as well. I am stocking up in my current position but always ready to bugout if necessary. Thanks for your reply!

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