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Omg! THIS is what I’ve been waiting for!!!

Author: Starr

Welcome to my piece of the universe! I believed for years that other people had things figured out. Now I realize everyone is about as clueless as the next person. I decided to create my own world and did just that. I hope you'll be respectful, responsible, and understand nothing online is safe. The entire world is not safe. I wanted music for meditation and joy so I created my own! I wanted to know how to build a business so I made my personal brand and show others what I learn along the way. I wanted to know how to have a YouTube channel so I taught myself IMovie and editing. I love learning new skills and sharing my knowledge with you! I adore information and will entertain quite a lot of whacky, quirky, and just plain crazy ideas. I love debate (non-emotional attachment but information sharing/knowledge building) and will discuss just about any topic (keep it clean). I am writing a novel based on my exciting inner world ideas. I hope you’ll join my journey!

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