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This is your Goddess! Welcome to my piece of the multi-verse! I am the goddess that makes the ugly world beautiful. I believed for years that other people had things figured out. Now I realize everyone is just as clueless as the next. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have presently. If you’re really honest, you will find every person is a part of you and you a part of them. We are all capable of incredible love and incredible evil. The choice is yours which path you take, it’s really that simple. I decided that I would create my own world and do just that. I wanted music for meditation and joy so I created my own! I adore research, writing, and debate. I will debate just about any topic. Flat earth? Oblate spheroid? Hollow? Let’s dive in and explore. The only thing I ask, do your own research!! Do not take my word or anyone else’s! Research for yourself! I saw a need for a social site so I created one! I wanted to know how to build a business so I made my personal brand and show others what I learn along the way. I wanted to know how to have a YouTube channel so I taught myself editing. I love learning new skills and sharing my knowledge with you! I adore information and will entertain quite a lot of whacky, quirky, and just plain fun ideas! Be a starrgazer! Join the journey!


As promised, I will post how much is donated to getting the network back up. We’ve received our first donation! I am looking into making this a private network. If I can $5 donation

make it work, I would love to get this into a blockchain so that everyone is earning and growing our network together. Of the people, for the people!

If you would like to donate, please PayPal

My blockchain wallet. 1FPHqDVHFUrpuNQbRBkqQ4jpa7hNvV9Hr3


Survivalist Singles (Social) is UP!

Hello everyone,

My business site has the capacity to host a social network. Once I raise enough money I can separate it. for now please go here and sign up. I’m trying to keep it as easy as possible. I hope you enjoy. As always, be respectful and question EVERYTHING!

What’s Going On?

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your interest in my site. The journey has been long. I did have the site up and had it working as a social network. We had technical issues and the site crashed. I just got it back up. I am working on creating capitol to get this site back up.

I will be getting the social network back up once I can reach $100. I will post what donations I receive. I believe in this cause so I will continue to work on this site and get it back for you.

Working together makes us stronger. Your input is valued. Please email or comment (respectfully) your ideas. Let’s make this a great place together!

If you would like to volunteer, please email. I believe in community support each other. PayPal at


This is a free service. To keep it free I put up advertisements and ask for community support. If you can help support our community, please consider a donation.