How do You Overcome the Fear of Socializing?
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How do You Overcome the Fear of Socializing?

A human being is a social creature, from birth he is surrounded by people. Throughout childhood and adolescence, a person learns to communicate with people, establish contact and build relationships. But despite this, many people experience fear of socializing with other people. Every new contact with a person causes great discomfort, they become reclusive of their own beliefs. This prevents them from building a career, expanding their social circle and self-actualization. The reasons for this behavior can be different, from insecurity to psychological disorder. We have prepared 5 effective ways that will help you stop being afraid of communication and open up to strangers.

Recognize the problem. Convince yourself that it doesn’t matter

Admit to yourself that you are having difficulty communicating. Think about what internal blocks are preventing you from interacting with people with ease. Perhaps you are afraid of other people’s opinions or think there is something wrong with you. Tell yourself that it doesn’t matter at all. After all, really, what does it matter what people think of you. Be yourself, consciously maintain this thought whenever the fear comes back.

Visualize the worst-case scenario

Play through in your head the worst case scenarios of how a conversation with another person might unfold. What is the worst thing that could happen? Would the other person think badly of you, not want to continue the conversation? Then think about how qualitatively this could affect your life. Most likely, it will not turn your life upside down, will not make you change your job or go to another city. In this case, you should not attach much importance to it, and your interlocutor will not remember about the unsuccessful conversation the next day.

Step out of your comfort zone. Talk to different people

In order to develop your communication skill, it’s important to practice constantly. Start attending events, meet new people. Talk to your neighbors, people in line at the store, colleagues at lunch. Gradually you will find it easier to strike up a conversation, you will stop feeling uncomfortable.

Rehearse before you speak to a person

If you have an important conversation with a person or a new acquaintance, then think over your speech in advance. You can write down individual phrases, compose questions and jokes. Then rehearse in front of a mirror, pay attention to your facial expressions and postures. Try not to clamp down, be open and confident.

Don’t be afraid to look silly

Many people are afraid to look silly and absurd. But there is nothing wrong with this. Do a purposely absurd thing in your opinion. For example, tell a joke by parodying characters, or wear different socks. As soon as you do this, you will realize that nothing terrible has happened. And the person you are talking to may not even realize that something has gone wrong.