BS Report

BS Report

We are surrounded by wildly different information backed up by ’evidence’ on both sides. What else are we supposed to do but laugh and see how this plays out.

I’m going to let them fight it out and I’ll bring you the best bits of comedy for our mutual amusement.

My over-the-top approach to life’s serious issues help us all find humor and relax a bit in this crazy world.

I’d be tickled if people started seeing how much in common we really have. Instead of buying into the divisiveness.

I enjoy debate. I must warn you, I will argue the opposite of anything. I have this drive that I want everyone to understand a full perspective before holding tight to any one ideology. Also know, you might change your position many times in life. Just flow with the new information and perspective until you have a new one.

You’re either laughing or crying. I choose laughing!

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