Survivalist Singles

Survivalist Singles

I am hosting my private dating site/social network here on my personal site until I can get it back up on its own domain. The cost is $300, $14 has been donated.

Survivalist Singles Survivalist Social is the natural offspring of Survivalist Singles. Originally created as a dating site in 2009, Survivalist Social has grown into a community of people that agree upon being prepared. As my father used to say “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

When we can find mutual ground, we can build relationships and our community. We don’t have to agree on everything, we simply need be respectful and civil when we do disagree. We can learn a lot about ourselves and our world by being willing to hear a different view. Learning from those we agree with and finding companionship with those we do agree.

Bring your sources, bring your knowledge. We can build our community and create our world together!

After reading James Rawles survivalblog, and moving into my own bug out property, I came up with Survivalist Singles. A place for critical thinkers to come together. This is a place for not just single people but anyone that thinks for themselves and wants to create community on the mutual goal of “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”.

I wanted to give a platform for critical thinking patriots to come together to form relationships, groups, and community.

Now more than ever this site is needed again! I did have it up and running as a social network but had technical difficulties and the site crashed. Then my hosting sure went out of business. My solution was to host the dating site on my personal page. I am teaching myself how to operate and create the site as I go. I would love to incorporate blockchain technology into the platform eventually.

Please be an active and respectful member of our community. Know that any information shared online is never safe. I will do my best to keep your information safe.

I am always looking for contributors. If you are inclined to help, this is volunteer until the site can generate income, I am open to working together with the community to build this strong! Articles, videos, back end, anything you feel able to contribute, email me!


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