Money, Collapse and YOU!

I know that preppers can come off as pretty doomsday at times. The important thing to remember is “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” so while a collapse is possible that also doesn’t mean we need to lose our minds preparing for it. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The little things we do daily are what will get us to where we want to be. There is still time to enjoy our lives.

I found Jeff Berwick a few years ago. I admire the man for his bravery, living life on his terms, and sharing his beliefs as he irons them out. If you don’t know Jeff, go check him out! He founded Anarchapulco (seriously check this out!) and well, so much more! I was watching him on a panel about a week ago. Jeff was giving a talk with Mark Skousen, I go to the Mark Skousen School of Business. I was pleased as punch to find these two at a conference together! Both are beautiful minds I would love to sit around chatting with.

However you slice it, money is still an important part of our lives. Jeff is savvy on crypto and the market. Use your own best judgment when listening to others about your finances. Choose your life well!

San Francisco to Ban free Food

It’s hard to compete so pass legislation to remove competition? I guess that’s one way. I learned that you do the best with what you have. I learned that there is benefit and detriment to every situation and once you find your benefit you can win! I learned that instead of whining, you work harder so that you may find success.

While I understand the founding fathers created government as a parental unit, we seem to have fallen off the deep end here. This is lazy parenting, appeasing the child so you don’t have to deal with the tantrum. In my experience, they just become more demanding and entitled.

Here’s a little secret…we are a capitalist society. The market is deciding what it wants, these failing restaurants aren’t it! Let it go and tell the businesses to work harder. In the real world you get punished for an oversight or misunderstanding. I think my question in all this is, which group are the kids and which the adults? I mean, obviously this is a fight between children and adults and somehow I got in the adult camp. I’ll take irresponsible please!

I’m afraid that in our pursuit for utopia, we lost focus. In order to live well, you have to know how to deal with the difficult things in life. Not only to difficult things make us better and stronger, they also teach us valuable lessons to make us successful. All we have to do is embrace it! Not legislate it.

I just, this is, dare I say?…Un-American. We are the land of ‘I’ll take the responsibility for the freedom’ so what went wrong? Is this the natural byproduct of affluence?

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image from Napa valley wine train via wikimedia