Did Christianity Remove the Goddess?

If we know that all things are based on the family model and

we know women are natural healers and life creators. Women are natural nurturers. A lot of our power is unseen. We work behind the scenes keeping things together and directing from the background. There is much power in running a home. There is much power in being unknown and being the woman behind the curtain.

Let’s look at this scripture. Genesis 1:26

Did they remove the Goddess from scripture? If man and woman were created in ‘our’ image then it was god and Goddess.

I see that it’s supposed to be a marrying (if you will) of pagan (female dominant) and Christianity (male dominant) to form a uniting paradigm spirituality. But each removed the other and created division.

I see all religions have got pieces of the answer but either stop short or go off in other directions with the small pieces they find.

I do notice in the next verse it says ‘created he them’. I also know male pronouns are widely used, even more so then.

What are your thoughts? Do you think there is a Goddess we weren’t told about? Are god and Goddess married or partnered? Can you see paganism and Christianity coinciding?

I love to understand your view! Let’s have a discussion!

All my love,

Starr Goddess💋💖