Visiting My Homesteading Friends

I don’t think I thought too much about the fact that Shane and Aly homestead or live off the land. They’ve just been my friends. I never put them in any classification. Building Survivalist Social has me thinking of not only providing a great user experience but also great content! Of course, I started questioning whether or not I deserved to own this kind of site. So, I started going down the list of reasons I don’t fit as a survivalist genre business. Then, I thought of all the reasons I am and how much my life is suited for this!

From living off-grid in a convent at 17, to homeless in L.A. in my 20’s. I did live in bugout property in my 30’s and within the last few years lived in a RV held together by duct tape. I figure, I have a few things to share about surviving. However, I do plan to bring you great articles to help you in your journey.

I was out at Aly’s when she invited me to the garden. I’m so proud of her! This soil was tough but this woman is tougher! She’s just kept at it until it worked. I’ll have that article later(she wanted to get her makeup on before she’d let me snap her photo).

The fence in the back, her husband Shane and her built. They have agreed to let me interview them to bring you guys real world experience. They are still building their house so it’s all fresh!

Right off the garden are the chickens. There was a pretty speckled rooster but he wouldn’t let me get his pic. This one was giving me the eye, I swear it!

When we got back to the house to sit a spell, we found Roscoe relaxed like all ginormous dogs do🤷🏻‍♀️. I’m pretty sure his paws are the size of my head. He’s also incredibly sweet and cuddly. Roscoe gave me a hug, he put his paws on my legs and his chin on my head(like I said, he’s big).

Anyway, we had a great visit, the kiddos enjoyed their time and so did I. Since they’re still building she happened to have an extra kitchen faucet. Who knew it would be just the size of mine AND fit the style of the house.

So cute right?! Oh! I walked away with a couple of green jewels, zucchini and cucumber. The plaster washes right off with water. I’ll have to get her installed and show her off proper. More articles to come from this! Stay tuned!

T-shirt Design Winner!

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The shirts will be available in several colors and sizes. I’m expecting the finished file tomorrow so that I can post the shirts for sale. Thank you all for participating! I appreciate this opportunity to create an amazing community for you! I’m working every day to make it better!