Visiting My Homesteading Friends

I don’t think I thought too much about the fact that Shane and Aly homestead or live off the land. They’ve just been my friends. I never put them in any classification. Building Survivalist Social has me thinking of not only providing a great user experience but also great content! Of course, I started questioning … Read moreVisiting My Homesteading Friends

Money, Collapse and YOU!

I know that preppers can come off as pretty doomsday at times. The important thing to remember is “prepare for the worst, hope for the best” so while a collapse is possible that also doesn’t mean we need to lose our minds preparing for it. This is a marathon, not a sprint. The little things … Read moreMoney, Collapse and YOU!

Where will YOU go in a Collapse?

Being prepared means having a plan. Knowing where you are going once the SHTF or being in place on your land to withstand teotwawki is a big step towards surviving a collapse. Coming from a military family I heard things such as “prepare for the worst, hope for the best”. This is the philosophy I … Read moreWhere will YOU go in a Collapse?

T-shirt Design Winner!

Your votes have been tallied and the winner is.. The shirts will be available in several colors and sizes. I’m expecting the finished file tomorrow so that I can post the shirts for sale. Thank you all for participating! I appreciate this opportunity to create an amazing community for you! I’m working every day to … Read moreT-shirt Design Winner!

San Francisco to Ban free Food

It’s hard to compete so pass legislation to remove competition? I guess that’s one way. I learned that you do the best with what you have. I learned that there is benefit and detriment to every situation and once you find your benefit you can win! I learned that instead of whining, you work harder … Read moreSan Francisco to Ban free Food

Survivalist Singles T-shirt’s

I want to raise money to make this site work for the community. I feel more comfortable offering something of value. I have a couple of designs I’m putting up. Please vote and let me know which you like best. Front starr shield Back 1 Front 2 Back 2 Click this link to vote!

Drug Resistant Typhoid Outbreak in Pakistan

Sewage seeping into drinking water is likely cause of outbreak. The antibiotic resistant strain of typhoid in Pakistan. Over 2000 people have been infected. A vaccination campaign, started in February, has shown promise. The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is putting their money where their mouth is and assisting in the vaccination efforts. More at… … Read moreDrug Resistant Typhoid Outbreak in Pakistan

Stuck in the Media Cycle

I’m something of an ambivert. I’m recharged by spending time alone. Although, I do enjoy connecting with people as well. What I notice is a disconnect between online life and real life. Sometimes, I can get so caught up in my research that I find myself becoming narrow minded. I find that I have to … Read moreStuck in the Media Cycle

Papa John’s Weird Turn

I had heard John Schnatter had apologized and stepped down for using a racial slur. I really don’t care, I have never tried their pizza. Papa John’s has just never been part of my life. After seeing the news fallout, I had to look further. Here is an interview with John Schnatter explaining the situation, … Read morePapa John’s Weird Turn

Trump Putin Press Conference

Hillary won the popular vote


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